Alma Zhang

Alma ZhangAdvisor

Alma Zhang
areas of expertise
  • Parent relationship
  • Marriage counseling
  • Psychology counseling
  • BS, China University of Petroleum
  • MBA, Tongji University.

Alma serves as an advisor to PREP’s leadership team and provides spiritual support to its parent network. She is also responsible for interviewing parents of prospective families.

About youth development, Alma believes, “Parents ought to focus on internal heart training more than external skills”

Alma came to Christ in 2006 and has served in church, youth group and small groups since then. Her focus is on youth development and spiritual growth. She has led and served in youth camp and retreats. She loves to volunteer and has helped “Qingdao Home of Love for children with special needs” to raise fund. She was the classroom mom and PTA president of Baishan School for many years.

Alma graduated from China University of Petroleum and later MBA from Tongji University. She was an executive at Sinopec China and Caltex Oil Corp and eventually founded Qingdao Pushi Petrifaction Co. Ltd.

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