Christian Families

Christian families serve as another building block of our program. We recognize a loving and faithful family is as important as a school, if not more.

Our students will live with their American dad, mom and siblings for 10+ hours a day and most of the weekends/holidays. The family’s walk with God and how they are modeling Christian characters will have profound impact on the development of young and curious minds. Although only God can reap, the gospel seed will be planted in the day to day interaction happening in the car, at home and outside as part of a family.

As a Christian business and ministry, we are looking for Christian families who love Jesus, share the same mission with us and have time and resource to teach and help our students. When joining PREP, it’s a commitment, not only to us, but more importantly, to God that you will take care of the student’s well-being and fight for their souls.

View these wonderful images to witness God’s glory in creating and recreating these families:

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For a normal agent, their service ends when students arrive at America. However to PREP, their service just starts. Thanks to God, my son came to the US through PREP. I am very thankful that PREP not only cares about his academic performance, but also the character development and healthy growth…

Student Parent, Mrs. Xu

I can see my son has grown a lot, taller, more calm, not hurried as before and become more sunny! I can see how much efforts that you and host families have put in to teach my son and the results.

Student Parent, Mrs. Cui

Only few days came back from Austin, I found two very positive changes: first, he is more patient and will actually have a discussion with us and ask for our opinions, for example, go to meet friends, family chores (I asked him to wash dishes and clothes). Sometimes we fought but I can feel that he has stronger self-control now. Secondly, he is a lot more frugal. I took him to buy three pieces of clothes, one pair of pants, each cost about $10-20 and he said I bought too much.

Student Parent, Mrs. Wang

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