5C: a youth development model

PREP utilizes a leadership development framework called 5C that is widely used in Christian ministry to develop worldwide Christian leaders.

The 5Cs are Christ, Community, Calling, Character and Competence. Unlike typical education agencies focus all their energy on competence, PREP believes a healthy and strong youth can only be developed in this well rounded approach.

Each PREP student has a personal assessment on the 5C dimensions when they enter the program. Guided by PREP staff members, they will develop their own school year plan. The action plan is specific, measurable and challenging for them to achieve. The plan is shared with their parents and host parents and reviewed regularly.

Christ: we talk to our students about what it means to become a follower of Christ and how that translate to their daily lives. We pray with them and encourage them to pray as well, even they are not a believer yet.

Community: we teach our students that we are all sinners and self centered and the only way for us to truly love others is to take on the character of Christ. We take them to do the community service, to learn and practice compassion and love.

Calling: we ask our students questions to help them think through and understand why they are here, what are important to them and where they want to go. We challenge them to seek for things on above, not down below. We encourage them to give their best to whatever they do.

Character: we emphasize on Christian characters such as humility, responsibility, gratitude, perseverance and respect. We set guidelines and boundaries at home and at school. We discipline them in love and praise them for positive behavior and attitude.

Competency: last but not least, we focus on their study and help them achieve high GPAs. We encourage them to develop healthy passion in sports or arts. We provide additional resource to improve their reading skills. We create opportunity for them to present their ideas. We have college counseling service to help them get into the right schools.

4D: a process of life transformation
PREP’s mission is to change lives, yet life transformation is a process and doesn’t just happen in classroom. At PREP, we embrace the idea of four dynamics of transformation: Spiritual,Relational,Experiential and Instructional. This process, when using intentionally, will create lasting impact on our students and take their education experience to the next level.

Suppose we want to instill compassion into our students. First, we could begin by taking them to serve in an orphanage or respite camp for kids with special needs. “Just go and do it!” Will that work? Will they learn anything about compassion?

Now let’s add a relational dimension by pairing them with experienced leaders. They will watch the leaders to serve kids food, take them to bathroom, clean up after them and play with them. They will have the opportunity to work with the leader, ask questions and start to have better understanding about compassion.

Now let’s add a strong spiritual element by leading them to pray for these kids, for their recovery, for them to have joy and for their family to have peace. Pray also for God to give us more compassion and increase the agape love in us so that we can truly love others.

Finally, let’s give them some instruction – a good interactive course on the meaning and nature of compassion, studying God’s words to understand why it is so important to care for the poor and the widow and how can we model ourselves after Jesus.

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For a normal agent, their service ends when students arrive at America. However to PREP, their service just starts. Thanks to God, my son came to the US through PREP. I am very thankful that PREP not only cares about his academic performance, but also the character development and healthy growth…

Student Parent, Mrs. Xu

I can see my son has grown a lot, taller, more calm, not hurried as before and become more sunny! I can see how much efforts that you and host families have put in to teach my son and the results.

Student Parent, Mrs. Cui

Only few days came back from Austin, I found two very positive changes: first, he is more patient and will actually have a discussion with us and ask for our opinions, for example, go to meet friends, family chores (I asked him to wash dishes and clothes). Sometimes we fought but I can feel that he has stronger self-control now. Secondly, he is a lot more frugal. I took him to buy three pieces of clothes, one pair of pants, each cost about $10-20 and he said I bought too much.

Student Parent, Mrs. Wang

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