Winter Immersion Camp

Each year during the Chinese New Year month when Chinese students have their winter break, PREP organizes a two weeks long Winter Immersion Camp.


  1. To give young Chinese students (primarily grade 6-9) a taste of American school and homestay and help them and their families make an informed decision of study abroad
  2. To give PREP team and partner schools an opportunity to evaluate prospective students up close and potential host families a first hand experience to host an international student
  3. To share the love of Christ and plant the seed in their hearts

General Format

  • Attend PREP partner schools as a normal student
  • Stay with a PREP host family and join family activities
  • Attend the Chinese New Year celebration organized by PREP students
  • PREP will organize outdoor and community services activities to complete the education experience

Host Families

  • If you’re intrigued about hosting, here’s what we’d ask you to do.
  • Let us know of your interest so we can answer any questions for you along the way.
    Pray about it.
  • Read the “Nuts and Bolts” and see if this commitment will work with your family’s schedule.

Nuts and Bolts

  • You will be responsible for transportation to and from the school each day
  • The student will reside and eat with you during the duration of the camp.
  • All students will have a medical insurance and you will have temporary guardianship to take them to see doctor if needed.
  • Premier looks for loving Christian families to host our prospective students, if the timing is not right for you this year, let us know if you know of someone else who may be interested in this type of ministry.

2020 Winter Immersion Camp Details

Dates: January 24th-Feburary 8th, 2020

Chinese New Year Celebration: February 1

Partner Schools: Brentwood Christian School and Hill Country Christian School (Austin, TX); Chattanooga Christian School (Chattanooga, TN)

What our host families say

I think you’re doing great things. I can see how much you care your students. Not only educationally, you’re working hard to shape their minds and characters, with all the extra activities, volunteering and church.

Host Family, Mrs. Ayala

You have been very available when we have had issues with our students. We appreciate you being on the same page and supporting our decisions with the students so they see that we are united in wanting the best for them.

Host Family, Mrs. Wilson

You legitimately love the students and always serve them with joy.

Host Family, Mr. Payne

Want to share the love of Christ with a Chinese student?