Homestay Overview

At Premier Education Partners, our goal is to help international students grow intellectually, culturally, emotionally and spiritually. The residential element is a critical part of our student’s experience in America. Our unique Homestay approach is structured to provide an exceptional experience to both the host family and the student during their time in America.

Part of a family – not just part of a program

The PREP Homestay Difference


We carefully choose Christian families as our Homestay partners. We believe that the love of Jesus Christ, extended to our students through Christ followers, is the best way to achieve a successful hosting experience that can endure the issues and challenges that arise along the way. We expect our Homestay parents to bring the student to their church, to encourage participation in youth groups and teach them how to live their lives based on biblical principles.

Local Support

Our Homestay coordinators are locally based. We provide training and ongoing support to the Homestay hosting family. We put the safety and well-being of our students as our highest priority and will not compromise that under any circumstances. With our local support, we can assist in critical or emergency situations within 30 minutes. Our Homestay coordinators will provide support to the host families in areas such as setting expectations and goals, coordinating periodic school reviews, communication with the student’s natural parents and in-home progress meetings.


Unlike typical international student placement agencies, we take a very active role in our students’ development. We are in contact with their schools, host parents and natural parents on regular basis. We have area-wide events throughout the school year that are designed to challenge our students to step out of their comfort zone and develop their character in areas such as serving, etiquette and culture.

What our host families say

I think you’re doing great things. I can see how much you care your students. Not only educationally, you’re working hard to shape their minds and characters, with all the extra activities, volunteering and church.

Host Family, Mrs. Ayala

You have been very available when we have had issues with our students. We appreciate you being on the same page and supporting our decisions with the students so they see that we are united in wanting the best for them.

Host Family, Mrs. Wilson

You legitimately love the students and always serve them with joy.

Host Family, Mr. Payne

Want to share the love of Christ with a Chinese student?