There are many agents in the USA to serve international students in different capacity. We are not the oldest, nor the biggest. We are here to create a unique and premier education experience and offer parents and students a service that they can trust. In our definition, such experience and service should meet the following criteria:

A Family experience

When your son or daughter joins PREP, they are joining a family, not just a program. A program provides basic structure, but a family provides love, protection and guidance that an adolescence teenager needs so much during the critical years of transitioning from a youth to an adult.

All of our host families are faithful Christian families, who joining us for the same mission to love and teach our students. As parents, you can be assured that your son or daughter is in good hands.

A true American experience

It’s obvious that you wanted your child to have a true American experience when you sent him off. Somehow they ended up with a school full of Chinese students and still speak English with heavy Chinese accent after graduating from high school, if they graduate.

That’s not OK with us. At PREP, we want your child to have a true American experience both in school and outside of school. All of our partner schools commit not to have more than 10% international students population at each grade. Outside of school, our students live with American families, eat American food and immerse them into American culture. Isn’t this what you want your child to have?

An Adventure experience

Life is a journey and when your child joins PREP, they are joining an exciting adventure. They will be challenged to set a goal for themselves and they will be held accountable. They will be asked to step out of their comfort zone and go to explore the unknown. They will be led to the wilderness where they can forget about their electronics and rediscover the beauty of creation and nature. They will join our mission and service trips when they can serve others in need and practice compassion and love.

When your child graduates out of PREP, they will be confident, responsible and mature young man and woman. They are ready to go where God leads them to, and live a life with purpose and joy.

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