Our team list

  • Valerie Spradling

    Student Advocate

    Valerie serves in the role of Student Advocate. She will be reaching out to the community to recruit host families. She will provide families and students with...

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  • Ed Wu

    Founder & CEO

    Ed founded PREP with the goal to create a premier education experience for international students, one that will not only help them get into a good college,...

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  • Priscilla Zhong

    CFO, Director of Student Planning

    Priscilla joined PREP in 2015 and has been fundamental in establishing a close relationship with our students and parents. She oversees students' academic and...

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  • Brent Hoover


    Brent serves as an advisor to offer spiritual guidance and strategic vision to PREP’s leadership team. He also participates PREP’s outdoor and mission trips....

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  • Heidi Zhang

    Executive Assistant

    Heidi Zhang evaluates the English fluency and fit of student applicants. She designs and leads the PREP outdoor and community service projects. She also oversees...

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  • Leanne Chen


    Leanne serves as student counselor and academic coordinator for PREP. She had been an ESL teacher in a public middle school in China for ten years and had worked...

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