Our team list

  • Hilary Hogan

    Coordinator, Student Performance

    As coordinator of Student Performance, Hilary’s main focus is to help launch a PREP reading program to help our students to improve their reading comprehension...

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  • Alma Zhang


    Alma serves as an advisor to PrEP’s leadership team and provides spiritual support to its parent network. She is also responsible for interviewing parents...

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  • Brent Hoover


    Brent serves as an advisor to offer spiritual guidance and strategic vision to PREP’s leadership team. He also participates PREP’s outdoor and mission trips....

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  • Mark Scully


    Mark serves as an advisor to PrEP’s leadership team and provides support in the area of strategic development, partnership and marketing efforts.

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  • Pam Snider

    Coordinator, Homestay

    Pam is the newest member of the PREP Team, serving in the role of Local Coordinator. She will be reaching out to the community to recruit host families....

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  • Vickie Scully

    Director of Student Success

    Vickie has overall responsibility of homestay management and developing strategic partnership with schools and churches.

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