Our team list

  • Ed Wu

    Founder & CEO

    As the founder of PREP, Ed poured his life into the students and their families on daily basis. He is constantly learning how to use prayer in doing his works...

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  • Priscilla Zhong

    CFO, Director of Student Planning

    Priscilla makes sure that our students are always working toward their long term success, not only short term goals, through careful planning, thorough execution...

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  • Brent Hoover


    Brent serves as an advisor to offer spiritual guidance and strategic vision to PREP’s leadership team. He also participates PREP’s outdoor and mission trips....

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  • Heidi Zhang

    Executive Assistant

    As the Executive Assistant, Heidi wears many hats at PREP. She coordinates all of our tutoring efforts and teaches students English (TOEFL, SAT, ISEE etc.)....

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  • Leanne Chen


    Leanne had been an ESL teacher in a public middle school in China for ten years and had worked in an international education Inc in Bay Area, CA as a professional...

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  • Emily Everswick

    Student Advocate

    Emily joyfully serves as a Student Advocate. She has over 24 years experience in ministry and teaching.

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