company history

PREP started in 2014, when Ed saw this new wave of young students flooding into United States, he realized this is not only a business opportunity, but also a ministry opportunity. “Parachute kids” can get into jail if left all by themselves alone or can grow into next generation leaders of China with the right support, love and care.

Since then, PREP has been at the far front of study abroad industry especially in the K-12 space. We are proud of being the innovator of establishing a Christian homestay model and we are very grateful for all of our partners who choose to work closely with us.

  • 2016


    God continues to bless our ministry. We had the first hire in company history in April - Vickie Scully joined us as the Director of Student Success. We had more schools to partner and doubled our student enrollment. We hired more team members. Most importantly, all of our students are placed in strong Christian families.

  • 2015


    With more students coming, we continue to experiment the best way to serve them. God brought more Christian schools and families to partner with us. Priscilla joined us as the full time PREP "mom".

  • 2014


    Out of nowhere, we had the first two students and then another three. We hosted the first two students at our own home to understand what it takes to provide for them.

  • 2013


    This was when Ed saw the changes in the industry and he had the dream of becoming the premier education service provider to the young Chinese students and their families and share gospel with them in that process.

  • 2004


    We were saved at University of Michigan, first day after my graduation ceremony. God turned our lives around through a campus minister and planted the seed for PREP.

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