PREP, based in Austin, Texas, is a premier education service provider for international students. We are an innovator and a leader specialized in K-12 study abroad market. Our unique approach to integrate homestay management, scholastic placement, academic counseling, outdoor adventure and community service helps develop international students to become the next generation of leaders with the character and capacity to impact the world. We are a Christ-centered organization that partners with private Christian schools, local churches and qualified host families to provide international students with an personalized and industry-leading solution to study in the United States.

When you work at PREP, you get to work with international students, not only for their academic performance, more importantly, for their well-being and their souls.

PREP is an innovator and a leader in the study abroad industry, specializing in the K-12 space. Our customers are international students, particularly students from China.

We want to develop our students into servant leaders with capacity and character to influence the world. Do you have the passion and skills set to help us develop them into future leaders? If so, join the PREP team now!

PREP Core Team

benefits and rewards

Our team members are like-minded individuals, followers of Christ who share the same mission. When joining PREP, you are on an amazing journey to work with the rest of us to do something big, fun and have eternal impact.

We also provide a competitive salary and mentorship opportunity.

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open positions

Job Posting Title Location Department Date
English Partner Virtual Student Performance April 3, 2017
Tutors of various subjects (English, History, Science, Bible etc.) Austin, Texas Student Performance January 8, 2016
English Tutor Virtual Student Performance January 8, 2016
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