Tutors of various subjects (English, History, Science, Bible etc.)

We always look for capable and experienced tutors to help with our students in various subject areas including ESL, history, science, Bible etc.

Department: Student Performance
Project Location(s): Austin, Texas
Education: Bachelor’s Degree
Compensation: Competitive Hourly Rate


Our tutors provide additional assistance to our students beyond the classroom:

  • Help them understand cultural difference
  • Help them improve study habits
  • Help them with foundational English skills
  • Help them with homework assignment in various subject areas
  • Inspire a passion for learning


  • Bachelor’s Degree (Required) or Master’s Degree (Preferred) in subject areas
  • 2-3 years relevant work experience with international students (preferred)
  • Flexible working hours and can drive to student’s’ home if needed
  • Personal accountability and strong work ethic
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