Vickie Scully

Vickie ScullyDirector of Student Success

Vickie Scully
areas of expertise
  • Homestay management
  • Relationship building
  • Discipleship
  • To be updated

Vickie is responsible for the successful scholastic and residential placement of students participating in the program. She brings a goal-oriented structure to the students and the hosting parents to help ensure the student’s transition to their new environment is successful and their long-term academic goals are met. She regularly meets with the administration and faculty of participating schools, the hosting families, as well as the recruitment and training of Local Coordinators.

“Teaching these kids to worship God and honor their parents is hard, but worthwhile. I am thrilled by the opportunities.”

Vickie’s professional career spans 15+ years in the hospitality and food service industry where she held various management positions with nationally recognized brands. Her responsibilities included store management, regional operations and management training. After leaving that industry, she built a successful fitness business focused on women’s personal training and adolescent sports-specific fitness.

Vickie resides in Austin, TX with her husband of almost 30 years. She has four children, seven grandchildren and personally is a host parent for two international students.

Vickie is active in her local church and believes that children are truly a gift from the Lord. She is committed to daily prayer for every PrEP student and their hosting family. Her goal, beyond the successful execution of the program, is that every hosting experience would bring a feeling of ‘family’ for all the participants – not only within the individual home, but throughout all area hosting families and the local Christian community. Her first-hand experience of the impact that Christian fellowship and support can bring to the success of the student and the hosting family is evident in all that she does at Premier Education Partners.

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+1 608 347 4102
Austin, Texas

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I think you’re doing great things. I can see how much you care your students. Not only educationally, you’re working hard to shape their minds and characters, with all the extra activities, volunteering and church.

Host Family, Mrs. Ayala

You have been very available when we have had issues with our students. We appreciate you being on the same page and supporting our decisions with the students so they see that we are united in wanting the best for them.

Host Family, Mrs. Wilson

You legitimately love the students and always serve them with joy.

Host Family, Mr. Payne

Always responsive and helpful with schedule conflicts, really quick with stipend payments this year.

Host Family, Mrs. Roberts

Clear instruction about hosting, flexibility on students’ activity. You really care about the students, want them to succeed.

Host Family, Mrs. Wang

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