Ed, the founder of Premier Education, asked me to interview Gina saying, “They (Gina and her husband) have made a profound impact on students in their home.” 

I was excited to get to know her and ask her about what she thinks makes a family a family. We chatted for 30 minutes and it took no longer to discover why Ed used the words, “profound impact,” to describe Gina.

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The Cornonavirus has rocked the country of China in more ways than we can imagine. As of February 27, 2020 there have been 83,379 total cases of it reported by the Worldometer, and 2,858 of those cases resulted in death. You can track these and other similar statistics related to the coronavirus on the worldometer website.

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The night before the 2020 Austin Marathon and Half Marathon. A hotel room packed with 17 runners.

“Who have trained for more than 200km the last 3 months?” I asked.

Nobody raised their hands. The room was silent.

I was ready for this. Ever since our successful 3M Half Marathon experience in 2019, we knew we could do something bigger. Indeed, about 23 PREP students signed up for the Capitol 10K last April, only to be told that the race was cancelled due to a thunderstorm. To rise above our disappoint, we must torture ourselves with something grander. A bigger project.

How about the Austin Marathon?

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“Let the one who boasts, boast in the Lord.”

-1 Corinthians 1:31



That’s how much we raised collectively, as a community, for the China coronavirus relief effort until Feb 2, 2020, a day after the PREP Fundraising Event.

It was supposed to be an exciting but simple Chinese New Year celebration, one that we have done every year since 2016.

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