-a journey of men into the wilderness

Our team, families, and students all have the honor of being led by a man who is continually looking for ways to enhance his leadership skills and grow deeper in his walk with God and man. Ed Wu is the Founder and CEO of Premier Education. He pours into the lives of our students and families daily, so he takes the time to be filled up each year so he can continue to serve and love and lead people well. 

Recently, he engaged in a program called Leadertrek. It is designed to take men into the wilderness to know more about God, himself, and his purpose in life. During this experience, five days were spent at Four Pass Loop in Colorado. Fighting altitude, heavy backpacks and adverse weather conditions (even the first snow of the season), they accomplished to hike 45 miles, totaling 117,000 steps with an 8,000 feet elevation gain! 


I had the honor of meeting one of Premier’s newest family members this week. His name is Frank, and he is 14 years old. He attends Hill Country Christian School in Austin and is in the 8th grade. 

I wanted to see what it’s like for a 14-year-old Chinese student to come to the United States for the first time because I am in awe of these kid’s bravery and their ability to adjust.  Continue reading “Frank’s Firsts”

Whether you’re hosting a Prep student or have teens of your own, you know the challenges that come along with this responsibility. You can often be found scratching your head, wondering, “What you did I do wrong?”  Or, you may wonder, “How can I restore or maintain a positive relationship with my teen while shepherding his heart as well?” It’s a heavy responsibility, and our team at Premier Education wants to offer you support, prayers, and tools as you undertake this huge responsibility.

Continue reading “Looking to Develop Strong Parenting Techniques and Strategies?”