An Inspirational Letter From Our Founder And CEO, Ed Wu

Recently, our founder and CEO of Premier Education sent this personal letter out to our host families. It’s reassuring to know that he is not asking us to do anything that is not worth it and that he has daily struggles of his own as he hosts students in his home as well.

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Now that Thanksgiving is over everyone is looking forward to Christmas! This is true for most people, however, if you have a high school student, December means the dreaded finals are coming soon! 

Five ways you can help make finals a little less stressful and a lot more successful!

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Here are the top ten things you should know:

Not only did you miss the dinner, but we missed you as well! At Premier Education we’re all about family, and when family members, like you, aren’t with us we feel incomplete. 


As the temperatures are turning cooler here in Austin it reminds us to prepare ourselves for what is to come. Do you have your firewood for the cold winter nights? Here is a list of ten things USA Today suggests doing to prepare your home for the winter.

At Premier Education, we’d like to suggest that you’d consider how you and your family could use your home for kingdom purposes this winter as well. Every winter we host potential Chinese students in homes for them to be exposed to what it will be like to come and enroll as a student and study here in the future. It’s a great opportunity for prospective students and for families who might be considering hosting a student for a yearlong commitment in the future.

The commitment is minimal, but the impact is enormous.

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Last month I got to spend time with Bowen, one of Prep’s students, to see how it’s going with his host family, the Chins. Last night I had the opportunity to “meet” Bowen’s parents virtually via ZOOM conferencing (and Heidi, our amazing interpreter). I had that moment during our time together when I thought to myself, “I could have picked these two out as Bowen’s parents right away if they were in a sea of people.”

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When I arrive at the Chin family home, the family cat greets me at the front door with its own ‘welcome’.  With the sound of “meeee-yoooows” and the sensation of Mr. Cat rubbing against my legs, I ring the doorbell. The warm greeting is continued as I’m invited into the Chin home, a continuation of the welcome already offered to me on the door stoop. Continue reading “Welcome To The Chin Home”


This year Premier Education will welcome 29 junior high and high school students to live in the great city of Austin for the 2018-2019 school year. It’s an exciting time filled with new relationships, schools and homes. We’re excited to see how God works through their time here.

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There is nothing better than a yummy Chinese food to make your student smile. Of course, they like the food you cook but they miss the smell and the taste of foods from their own country. Plus what a wonderful opportunity to get to know the Chinese culture while the whole family enjoys a great meal together!

We hand-picked the best of best Chinese restaurants in Austin and hope you will find an opportunity to try some of them. I am sure you won’t regret and certainly, your student will thank you for a long time!

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