Transform China one student at a time

who we are

We are a group of professionals who saw the “Parachute kids” coming in waves and struggling in America and decide to do something about it.

We are parents who love our own kids and all the precious Children God brings to us through this ministry.

We are educators who focus not only on academic but also mind and soul of our students.

Most importantly, we are faithful Christians who want to honor God above everything else and share love of Christ with our students and their families.

what we do

PREP provides Christ-centered, professional and trustworthy education services to Chinese students so that they can grow in wisdom and stature (Luke 2:52) to become the next generation of leaders with the character and capacity to impact the world.

Currently we are serving in Austin area, partnering with private Christian schools. We provide a one stop homestay service and we developed a unique approach to integrate homestay management, scholastic placement, academic counseling, outdoor adventure and community service.

how can you help

At Premier Education Partners, our goal is to help international students grow intellectually, culturally, emotionally and spiritually. The residential element is a critical part of our student’s experience in America. Our unique Homestay approach is structured to provide an exceptional experience to both the host family and the student during their time in America.

We are constantly looking for faithful Christian families to host our students. We are a faith-based agency and provide hands-on local support to our host families and students. If you are passionate about the great mission, this is a great opportunity to share the love of Christ with somebody right at your home!

We look forward to partnering with you
to transform China one student at a time.


Latest News

  • Getting Prepared For Winter? Don’t’ Forget Winter Camp!

    The commitment is minimal, but the impact is enormous.

    October 12, 2018
  • A Letter to Eve

    Dear Eve, You rolled your little 10-year-old body up to our meeting on Heelys, and instantly I liked you! Thanks for sitting with me this morning and telling me about what it was like to have Jessy in your home for two weeks during Premier Education’s Winter Camp. I learned a lot from you because

    February 18, 2019
  • An Adventure In Food Etiquette Around The Globe

    “Just because it’s different doesn’t mean it’s wrong.” –Rick Everswick Last week twelve young Chinese students got on a plane to begin an adventure in the United States. Our team at Premier Education welcomed them with great expectation surrounding their time here. We thought it would be helpful to give a little food etiquette training

    February 7, 2019
  • “I Have A Dream…”

    How 5 teenagers managed to run a half marathon. Together.

    January 21, 2019

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